Silkscreen by the Frisian artist Josum Walstra (1935) dated 1985



In the early sixties the Dutch province of Friesland was a very popular place to live and work for artists from The Netherlands and abroad. The maritime landscape and the bright light was an inspiration, also for artists from Germany and England. The Frisian painter Gerrit Benner became very popular with his abstract landscapes. There was also a group of young painters from Friesland who worked from 1965 onwards in a completely abstract and often experimental style. One of them was Josum Walstra¬† (1935) who founded the avantgarde gallery De Blauwe Hand in Harlingen and edited the avantgarde magazin Quatrebras. In 1960 he was one of the early Frisian painters who made abstract work. This silkscreen is from a later periode, the 1980s. In very good condition, 85×90/59×69,¬† edition 24/60, signed and dated in pencil Josum 85