Set of 4 digital prints mathematical art by American artist James Mai 2006



Illinois State University professor of art James Mai works with systems to generate “minimum complete sets” of geometric forms—minimum in that no two forms are alike and complete in that no forms are missing. His work is influenced by a tradition of abstract artists extending back to the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, who laid out the language for a fully abstract art based on simple colors and forms in the first half of the 20th century. But Mai considers Mondrian’s approach too subjective. His creative research overlaps with such mathematical topics as symmetry, number theory, and graph theory, including polyominoes—a set of geometric figures composed of squares placed edge to edge. Mai has been creating his “little worlds” for the last 30 years. Once a figurative painter who worked in oil and acrylic, Mai is now an abstract painter who works mostly in digital prints. His artwork and writings have been presented globally.

1/2 Circuitous Blue, Circuitous Orange, 2006, 32,5×32,5, 1/10

3/4 Mirrored Yellow-Green, Mirrored Red-Violet, 2006, 32,5×32,5, 1/10

In very good condition, paper on Dbond