Important sketchbook Dutch constructivist artist Siep van den Berg 1991



Important from a historical and artistic viewpoint is this sketchbook by the well-known Dutch constructivist artist, painter and sculptor Siep van den Berg (Tirns 1913-Amsterdam 1998). In the last years, several sketchbooks have been torn apart to sell the individual drawings. This sketchbook is complete, not only with 84 drawings, but also with important notes by Van den Berg about his relationship with the Groninger group of artists, De Ploeg. He also gives comments on the Gulfwar.

In very good condition, 176 pages with yellow hardcover, 56 inkdrawings, 28 pencildrawings, some pages with fragments from newspapers. Signed and dated SvdB 1991 (febr-may 1991), 22×15 cm.