Complete edition 1949 interior design magazine Goed Wonen



Goed Wonen was an important modernist organisation in the Netherlands after Worldwar II to propagate good taste in living and interior design. Two years after its foundation, the publication of the magazine ‘Goed Wonen’ started. The battle was fought against ‘lack of style’, material scarcity and a housing shortage. The foundation championed ‘light, air and space’ in the often small houses from the post-war reconstruction period. To introduce a wide audience to ‘Good Living’, a showroom was set up in Amsterdam and lectures were held and leaflets were published. There was also a ‘Good Living’ quality mark. From the first half of the fifties, own furniture was also marketed. Many model homes are furnished in new housing estates to show the public about alternatives to the usual heavy oak furniture with plush upholstery. A limited number of companies, including Gispen, ’t Spectrum, Pastoe and Auping, supplied the ‘responsible furniture’. In response to the paternalism of the early period, the name was changed to ‘Stichting Wonen’ in 1968 and more connections were sought with the emerging emancipation movements for women in the 1960s and 1970s.

Goed Wonen, edition 1949, 192 pages text and ca. 75 pages advertisements; bound copies, covers included, in good condition, bound in hardcover with some damage, 27×19 cm.